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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> look at the equipment of the . >> homeland security gets involved, with a border. in this case, it was mexico. >> massive drug smuggling ring based in tri-state gets buffed, thanks to some good police work. local 12 has found that the ring operated here for years and it is no more >> so-called wilson drug trafficking organization is based in harrison and reached all the way to the mexican border border. >> rich jaffe has the case. >> and ahead of the drug abuse task force or dart agreed to talk to us as long as he didn't use his face. he used a growing amount of extremely pure ice or crystal methamphetamine showing up in the community. >> officer from harrison, that actually started to identify the
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reassigned to our task force. in the reassignment, he sat down with me, boss, i have a real good case, i think. could i explain it to you. >> investigation led to harris resident, tom wilson. wilson, was part of a gang. >> part petitionary in atlanta, he was able to negotiate. make deals, methamphetamine delivered, money transferred from inside prison. >> the meth involved was incredibly pure. >> when we had a purity done in the ice samples, it was in the mid 90s. at the time, we had it done, it crystal meth. >> and wilson's number two was stacy howell. you would think at least one of the guys charged in connection
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that's because in 2010, blew up his grandmother's house with, you guessed it a meth lab. he was severely burned in the explosion and fire, but it didn't stop him from dealing. wilson's dealers used motorcycle gang members, outlaws, to deliver the drugs and money across seven states. the . >> know the federal indictment said distributed in excess of five kilos of methamphetamine. that's how they charged. i could tell you, tas tenfold with what the original indictment said. >> in harrison, rich jaffe, local 12 news. >> the investigation was originally looking at 40 people. of those, 15 were arrested and face six charges.
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-- allegations of mismanagement. they are retiring to avoid a potential firing. the local chief of staff is suspended. student is shot by pellets during a training session in wilmington college. the student said she was never warned that two students would shoot at her. and the wilmington police department has launched an internal investigation. kentucky state senate will approve a bill, allow churches to refuse services to gays and lesbians and transgender clients in the name of protecting religious beliefs. the bill is the latest efforts by lawmakers in some states to push back in the u.s. supreme court ruling last summer, that effectively legalized same-sex marriage. it comes as the irving county human rights commission, ordered a christian t-shirt company to
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to print shirts for a gay pride festival. >> and local 12, joe webb has a bird's-eye view literally of the team that gets man's and beast out of the toughest jams. northern kentucky convention center is probably the safest place to be in the region. the walls are collapsing and water is rising around you. northern kentucky rescue team has the tools, manpower and know how to get you to safety. >> it's really an advanced mutual aid between several firefighters in northern kentucky. provides specialized rescue resources. rescue that's above and beyond standard firefighting practice. >> like saving a busload of county students, surrounded by water. rescuing a horse stuck by frozen pond.
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they get a man down to a 200 foot tall in cincinnati. >> 50-60 feet. gets hit. he cannot climb down now. >> he will get up to get a taste of if. 10 foot taste. >> hoping no one calls 911 when i'm here and get stuck a few feet from the floor and convention center. >> they got me down just fine. the convention center donated the space, so the rescue team hardware. they have a lot of stuff. done. people do. pete sible, he says it's really about that. >> lot of good people that come together and do a lot of good. >> at the northern kentucky convention center, joe webb
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>> the rescue team is made up of 100 men and women. to county management agencies and sanitation district one. >> joe, looks like he's having fun. >> coming up next, tossing out tickets. why wearing a bracelet, will let you do just more in a popular local festival.
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>> killers, tears for fears, ice cube, tom petty's ice crunch. ax in the mobile festival. they announce a big change. they are going cashless, instead of tickets. get a high-tech risk band that will get you into and out of the shows. unload the money and it will access the credit cards. the music festival is june 3rd at sawyer point. 3-d technology, with a huge restoration, about to be under way in union terminal. it took three months of laser scanning, with exact
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to years begins with a million dollars restoration project this year. >> that's a cool model. >> it may be too early to think about bedtime right now. the national institutes of health, nearly 40 percent get less than seven year hours of work a night. you can't make up, over the weekend. lights from the screens, tablets, also interfere with sleep. >> the first thing we tell people, you want to wake up at the same time every day, seven days a week. that's probably rule number one. >> women have soap things on our plate, that will lay down, and everything is going on during the day. schedule a little time to make the to-do list, set a time to go to bed. >> they say, put on socks. believe it or not, a doctor in northwestern, found socks improves circulation that could help you fall asleep more quickly.
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that, it's w . >> and there's a lot more. addict's behavior ends in one of three-ways, in jail, in institutions and in death. death is where we begin this story. >> figure out, he was unresponsive from an overdose. >> you see it so much >> see it so much. >> it's not something that's rare. >> 23-year-old, jessica
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no heartbeat, she was blue. >> crossed four lanes. when i came back, crossed over again. i don't know how i didn't hit anybody much it was so crazy and i feel so bad. i could have killed somebody all because i just made a stupid decision. >> >>. >> we're doing everything we can to keep her circulating, keep her breath going. >> and biggest thing i remember, while giving her compressions, feeling her heartbeat all of a sudden. that was a weird thing. that's never happened. >> she's not breathing. keep breathing for her. >> that's good. that's really good. [ sirens ].
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administratored narcan. jessica began breathing on her own. >> thank god, we were able to. >> the passenger in the car also died and was also revived by police. jessica tells me her life was not living. she lived in squaller with four other people, sleeping on the floor in one small room, no food. her day would start at 5:00 a.m., with a shot of heroin. >> we would go and steal stuff from like 12:00 and we didn't get home until 8:00. then we would do a shot to feel better. then we did the same thing every day. it was the most miserable thing ever. >> parents want to know what they can do to help their child? what would you recommend. >> honestly, parents, it's not their fault. it's just -- you can't help your child.
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you can't do anything about it. you know, if you try to lock them down or put them in rehab, it doesn't matter. it's the person. they have to want to stop. honestly >> do you feel lucky? >> lucky, yes. i'm very lucky. i mean, i've died three times now. i'm so blessed. who overdoses on the highway. it doesn't kill anybody, or hurt anybody. i'm so lucky. >> finding the drug addict driving next to you, is the focus on the saint thomas intervention task force. in the first week, team had 22 arrests. 19 for heroin. >> step out with your hands up.
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so is the response >> just really jumpy. >> and right now, the officers from fort thomas are on the road specifically targeting for drivers who could be high. as for jessica, she says severe anxiety led her to try heroin. she seems to be committed to getting her life together. she's living with her mom, has a job and is in treatment now because she wants to live. >> such a powerful story. it impacted you. >> amazing to see which the police officers handled the young people. and the fact, they say they want to get off and they can't. it's a difficult, like you're on a hamster wheel and can't get off. we will follow her case. >> sounds good. let's talk about the weather we've had. some snowflakes today. >> around an inch or less. we picked up half an inch at the
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we didn't cause any problems in the roadways. folks are still out and about. this is around clifton and around the uc campus. we will have to be bundled up tomorrow as well. we picked up an inch or less. roads were warming up. we didn't have any issues this morning, if any. we will continue to see a pretty good evening temperatures in the chilly side. we will take a live look to oxford, atrium weather camera. it's kind of good. we warm things back up again for saturday and sunday. here's what we're tracking in the next couple of days. lingering flurries through early tomorrow morning. we're looking at a cold day tomorrow, with temperatures back to where we are right now, mid 30s. a warmer weekend, with temperatures in the 50s and even in the 60s for saturday and sunday, with plenty more sunshine. we will continue to see the
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flurries move to the southeast. they are moving away from downtown cincinnati. we have light flakes and flurries from cold spring down through county. we're going to lower visibilities, where we have the heavier snow showers. that's north of dry ridge. williamstown, seeing some light wind flying, to mazeville. and this will continue to move southeast. i expect to see a quiet evening. we'll hang on to chances to the south eastern corner of the viewing area, for a few flakes, until 10:00, 11:00 tonight. we get a nice break. i'll keep the slight chance in, early tomorrow morning, through 10:00 a.m., through mid mornings for a few flakes to fly. the wind dried out the roads pretty good. anything that's wet, it could be slick.
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pretty dry. we're at 34 right now in cincinnati. winds out of the west, northwest hour. we have windchill values in the lower 20s. you could expect windchill values in the teens early this evening as temperatures fall a bit. we'll be around 34, 8:00. chance for a few flurries by then. it will keep a chance lingering through 10:00, 11:00. no additional accumulation really, as the ground stays pretty warm. we'll be in the lower 30s by 11:00. the winds thankfully calm down. the temperatures are starting off below freezing. 26-27 degrees. keep a slight chance of a few flakes. most of us will stay snow-free. we will dry things out around noon. we will see clouds around lunchtime. saturday, it's looking gorgeous.
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we'll make it to 50 degrees in the afternoon. 63 on sunday. we'll continue to see southwesterly breeze kick in. that will bring moisture as well. sunday evening, we'll see a couple of rain showers. monday afternoon, it will be salvageable. highs near 54. upper 50s on tuesday. system moving in for midday next week. that will be the rain-snow changer. >> thanks, erica. . >> villanova and got his first win, since joining the biggest. things went right because they executed. the first match-up really didn't even count, in terms of must be to do.
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everything was up. they helped limited the directions. cats. coach mac after the game. >> and it's not the first time we beatened number one. we have a group, if they continue to get better, skies the limit. i think our team understand that >> and everyone talking about that coveted one seat. and national headlines, mim being the moment as they och do. xavier makes the case as true
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villanova. >> major league baseball is responding to the take off plays. it's subject to an official review. sliding over to brad steinky, he joins us from redskin in good year. >> thanks, ali. >> the reds removed plenty of players. joey lovato is not one of them. eventually, my swing, got to where i wanted to be.
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combined with my approach. >> vatto knows he's going to carry a lot of offensive loads. coming tonight, at 11:00, skipper brian price, on the importance of patient. brad steinky, local 12 sports. >> the bengals came out to defend, perfect. he told espn he was going to change the way he played. he will get hit with less penalties.
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>> here's some of the stories, working on local 12 news, live at 11:00. they sometimes fear for their safety. there's an app. how the new approach, could make a difference. >> it's easier to purchase than a gun and leaves destruction in its wake. is this a weapon even a child could buy? rich jaffe, investigates on local 12 news at 11:00. >> couple of layers. and it will be cold temperatures
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we're back in the 30s by >> pelley: tonight's republican debate takes on new urgency. it could be the last chance to catch trump before next week's super tuesday. also tonight, elizabeth palmer takes us inside syria at a turning point in the civil war. >> reporter: there is certainly no cease-fire here at the moment, and there's not going to be any time soon. >> pelley: daylight reveals the destruction done by a night of violent storms. and will this idea take off? plans for a widebody aircraft


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